Q. So, who are you?


I’m a Physical Therapist, Actor and Video Content Creator based in New York City. You may know me from my educational sketch comedy show Gross Anatomy!

Q. Intriguing, tell me more…

About me

Adrian Miranda: Media Mogul with a Physical Therapy side-hustle.

With my physical therapy training and my filmmaking skills, I’m working to democratize health education by using humor to teach people about the human body so that they can take better care of their health.

After earning my doctorate degree in physical therapy, I decided to frustrate my family by becoming a media mogul instead. And after drying my mother’s tears, I established my own media production company “Gross Anatomy Studios, Inc.” in my Gotham City neighborhood.

(Look out, Bruce Wayne Enterprises. I also have an alter-ego, and I’m working on a “Gross Anatomy” version of a Bat Signal, and a heavily armored car that runs on jet fuel).

My current health-focused comedy web series, “Gross Anatomy,” teaches human anatomy and how the body works. “Gross Anatomy” stars the ever-frustrated fictional Dr. Dennis, (played by me) who is assigned to teach a group of quirky and indifferent GED students about human anatomy, or he will fail graduate school.

Whether performing as the ever-frustrated Dr. Dennis in “Gross Anatomy,” or executing my duties as a physical therapist, or a media mogul, my purpose is to both entertain and inform others about the human body. After all, the body is kind of like a heavily armored car that runs on jet fuel. It functions best if you’ve read and understood the manual.

Q. So, what do you do then?

What I do

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Gross Anatomy is a story-driven web series and multimedia project that is as funny as it is educational. Gross Anatomy aims to educate with humor, rather than boring you with another talking head. It features sketches, parodies, and stories that bring to life common physical maladies and enlightens the viewer with humor and ease.

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The following is a collaboration between Dance Project of Washington Heights & Gross Anatomy Studios, Inc. 
Watch what we can do and perhaps we can do it with you as well!

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